postcard from New Zealand: I lived


Well, now I have time to write to you, finally 🙂 My previous attempts was failed, once I went to the harbor but then it was starting to rain. Another time I was sitting at school lounge between my classes, when suddenly lots of people that coming by decided to ask me about smth and we almost spent this free-time chatting. I came home after my morning classes to have lunch before go to my ballet classes (yeaaap! I will tell you about it later) and it seems nothing can interrupt me, I am sitting at the balcony of my host-family house with cup of ginger tea (it is a second week when I refuse to drink coffee). There is lots of bird that is singing loudly and it looks like perfect day. So…

Last two month we did a lot of crazy things, that I could not imagine I would do once. Bungee jumping, rafting with 7 meters water fall (the biggest in NZ where you can do rafting), 5 hours of black water rafting inside the Waitomo caves (one more place you have to visit – it is more like a canyoning tour, with abseiling, jumping into water wholes, climbing up at waterfalls and floating in rivers inside the caves, very funny, but cooooooold) and, of course, skydiving. It starts like a joke of my classmate, who had asked me about this at my second week here. First, I told him I don’t want to try, but after 15 min I knew I will do that as soon as possible. Then four of us made an agreement to do it, and finally we were lucky with weather and we did it. This I like more then other activities. It is amazing (I guess, you would understand that if you saw my video). You have to try it, not so scary like bungee jumping and you don’t need to do anything by yourself (in bungee jumping it is VEEEEERY hard to make this step down from the platform, I almost spent 3 minutes there trying to push myself to jump down). But here you get an instructor who tells you what to do and who jump out of the plane even if you are not emotionally ready for this 🙂 I had no time to understand what happened next – they just opened the door of the plane and start one by one jumped off. The feeling of fligth is amazing, and the nature around… Unbelievable.

Last week the weather was finally good (before it was one week of rain) and we spent all free time outside of the school and home. We played basketball, went to play mini-golf, the cinema every week is must-do thing and we found out a stand-up comedy show, that was fun with lots of laughing and also good for our English skills (10 different stand-up comedians with different accents and different styles – we understood nearly everything). Today we are going again 🙂

I also sign up for ballet lessons, I went out one day and went to McDonalds to buy something to drink and suddenly bumped into the dance studio on the second floor of the building. I always want to continue my dancing after university, but I had no time during my last years and my worked took all my power. So, here it is a perfect moment to remember about wishes.

And as the weather Is ok we spent last weekend on the beach. Huray!!! Now we can feel the summer is almost come (and we can feel it on our skin after Sunday sunbathes when we nearly got sunburn – be careful with NZ and Australian sun, there is a ozon hole above and you getting sunburn very fast). We went to the two different beaches near Auckland, one of them with black sand (lits reminds me of Iceland) is famous for surfing (I would like to try surf too, but I am waiting for the better weather). We had BBQ and were dancing on the beach, not carrying about people around us – we had really epic mood at that moment.

Christmas is coming, but it is strange to celebrate it without snow. Something that people from Europe are not used to do. Sooooooow. I don’t miss it, but for me the perfect Christmas is when outside is snowing with millions of soft snowflakes, and there are lots of lights at the streets, the Christmas tree with glistering garland and thin lay of snow and the Santa on his sledge with reindeer with red noses… not the asphalt and palm trees. But I guess it is also unusual to celebrate Christmas on the beach 🙂 I will be not at Russia for our Christmas, but we are not used to widely celebrate it) and then… a lot of space for my imagination, I can do what I want, I just need to find out what I want.


And, yes, life is not always exciting and often very ordinary, but, I reckon, I am not ready to except this, I always try to make my days as much interesting as it is possible. Sometimes I want it so much that at the end I disappointed too hard, but if I have a chance to be not ordinary just for a little, I prefer to try, even if it leads to fail.

Smile from summer Auckland,
Have a great day and weekend


postcard from New Zealand: Happy

Tēnā koutou!

This country had everything i ever wanted. More, this country had things i could not even imagine before. It is still hard to believe that everything did happened. All things were perfect. Back then it was that kind of atmosphere when you feel that all time is belongs to you, whenever you are here surrounded by your friends, no needs to think what happened next because this time is going to last forever.

My New Zealand is a fascinating World of Adventures that never leaves you, even if you leave it.


postcard from Bulgaria

Здрасти, как си?

Going on summer holidays to the sea once a year it is a tradition for me (and you too, need to make this kind of vacancies traditional for yourself, that’s really relaxing after the year in the city). This time we chose Bulgarie, the touristic place called Sunny Beach: we found cheap tickets, rented very nice apartments on , for three person it was not expensive at all, and hole week we could relaxing on the beach, swimming in Black Sea, drinking cocktails, dancing a lot in bars at the evening , we definitely had FUN there even it was not a high-season and it was cold at nights.

postcard from Iceland

Góðan daginn!

I think i LOVE everything here. I like the weather, sometimes it is cold here, sometimes warm or even hot especially if you are wearing your sweater and autumn shoes. I like the nature, it is enchanted, once you step out off the city, whenever you go this unbelievable landscape take your breath away and no photo is able to show this atmosphere, even when you are trying to make a video about cosmic landscape, you always fail, because nothing can catch this beauty and feelings, when you are standing in the center of lava field surrounding by the moon mountains. I like bright colors of Reykjavik, here even a simple wooden white house looks cozy and lovely. I like crazy not afraid of cold Icelanders, wearing only t-shirts and shorts when it is windy and the temperature is only +13’С (and i like Icelandic men, because they look like vikings). I like the moment when you are jogging at the evening close to the sea and meet someone, who is also running, you both after only one look understand each other, cause this look says a lot: “ooo, hi, have you decided to run too? Well done! Cool, keep at running! You have made a good choice. Come on, wish you the energy, patient and good mood”. I like the bus tickets, they are very small, one centimeter for two, and every time you have to put it in a reaaaly big box next to the driver. I like that the population of Iceland is only 320 000, when i my home-city it is more then 400 000 people, you can imagine how peaceful and calm is here, especially when you are outside of the city. I like the small cities here too, where it is only 300 habitants and everyone knows each other very well, everyone is friendly and kind. I even like Icelandic prices which not allowed me to buy ice-cream, licorice chocolate and jellies a lot.
I DEFINITELY love everything here.

postcard from 3A 3d-floor: Story one

Being in Finland i felt sadness about leaving , it was more like physical discomfort, on my way home i recalled absolutely everything – my quite and peaceful time with travels and adventures, i recollected every bright moment about this five month, but then this fireworks transformed into few files of information in my head and dozens gb of photo on my computer. At first day at home when i woke up and saw domestic landscape i had the feeling that Finland never happened, all my emotion told this, few days later – that i am here on holidays and as soon as possible i will take a train and go back to Turku. But now all this feelings have no sense, because they are gone. Very fast.

I was thinking – my life here was like a summer spent in the city, when it is a lot of work, and party, almost every night, and, probably, plus film festival that you can not miss, and people on the verandas of the street cafe who want to meet you, and you are dancing in this hilarious whirlwind confidently believing that you yourself are this whirlwind, and then it turns out that August is almost up, the nights are long and cold, and the sill is full of fallen down from the sky dry prickly stars. There is nothing, but suddenly you remember that you never got to the market for cherries, even in neighbor’s garden you not picked up any, even though you went by every day. And you understand, that is nonsense, cherry is just simple cherry, sour-sweet berries, plain food, what kind of a whim, But a shame to tears, because you did not have cherries and that means you have no summer, everyone around you had, but you not, and on the last day of August you can not correct this, the time is unmercifully, forget it, that is all.

postcard from Finland: dinner with friends

sometimes it seems to me, I will wake up, open my room door and find myself in our corridor, I will go to our lovely kitchen, on the way greeted someone from our floor for sure, I will start cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Miki will come and begin to bake something, Hyun will come, asking how are you, or all together we will occupy the space and start to wiz over our shared meals, turn ipad with jazz on, our table would be full of food, we move the sofa, so all have their place, we will sit very close to each other, we will put in our plates a bit of everything, asking about recipes, we will start talking about study or about Ashley’s cooking, and Miki will get her delicious amazing cake, we will make a tea and sit on the sofa, covered with blankets and we will be content and happy, because these time is the most carefree time in the world, these five month alongside is wonderful and, perhaps, happened to us a long time ago in a dream.