postcard from Iceland

Góðan daginn!

I think i LOVE everything here. I like the weather, sometimes it is cold here, sometimes warm or even hot especially if you are wearing your sweater and autumn shoes. I like the nature, it is enchanted, once you step out off the city, whenever you go this unbelievable landscape take your breath away and no photo is able to show this atmosphere, even when you are trying to make a video about cosmic landscape, you always fail, because nothing can catch this beauty and feelings, when you are standing in the center of lava field surrounding by the moon mountains. I like bright colors of Reykjavik, here even a simple wooden white house looks cozy and lovely. I like crazy not afraid of cold Icelanders, wearing only t-shirts and shorts when it is windy and the temperature is only +13’С (and i like Icelandic men, because they look like vikings). I like the moment when you are jogging at the evening close to the sea and meet someone, who is also running, you both after only one look understand each other, cause this look says a lot: “ooo, hi, have you decided to run too? Well done! Cool, keep at running! You have made a good choice. Come on, wish you the energy, patient and good mood”. I like the bus tickets, they are very small, one centimeter for two, and every time you have to put it in a reaaaly big box next to the driver. I like that the population of Iceland is only 320 000, when i my home-city it is more then 400 000 people, you can imagine how peaceful and calm is here, especially when you are outside of the city. I like the small cities here too, where it is only 300 habitants and everyone knows each other very well, everyone is friendly and kind. I even like Icelandic prices which not allowed me to buy ice-cream, licorice chocolate and jellies a lot.
I DEFINITELY love everything here.

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