postcard from Finland: dinner with friends

sometimes it seems to me, I will wake up, open my room door and find myself in our corridor, I will go to our lovely kitchen, on the way greeted someone from our floor for sure, I will start cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Miki will come and begin to bake something, Hyun will come, asking how are you, or all together we will occupy the space and start to wiz over our shared meals, turn ipad with jazz on, our table would be full of food, we move the sofa, so all have their place, we will sit very close to each other, we will put in our plates a bit of everything, asking about recipes, we will start talking about study or about Ashley’s cooking, and Miki will get her delicious amazing cake, we will make a tea and sit on the sofa, covered with blankets and we will be content and happy, because these time is the most carefree time in the world, these five month alongside is wonderful and, perhaps, happened to us a long time ago in a dream.

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